"Stark Drones is an emerging company that participates in sensory networks, UART communications, and aviation design concepts. We are planning to build one of the most efficient aeronautical vehicles ever created to bring a new age to space exploration and transportation."

Value Proposition

We have a CAES battery system (Compressed Air Energy Storage) that is almost 1/7th of the price of comparable Lithium Ion batteries and can be charged in nearly 15 seconds time. Other technologies we utilize is a distributed P2P (Point 2 Point connectivity module), and a $1400 alternative to Google's $50,000+ Project Loon that cost only $140 to build. These systems are being utilized as an updated solution to current grid, wireless transmission, and energy systems that we use today. Currently, this will allow for a more distributed and open internet as well as more importantly, being able to upgrade grid power and transmission infrastructure. We also utilize novel uses of the same technology for highly advanced research topics and projects on the side, as Stark Drones is heavily engaged in sustainability research especially in relation to scarcity of resources or finding alternatives to outdated technologies.

What the future awaits....

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