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Course syllabus


What is technology?

In this section we are discussing what technology is, what is the purpose of technology, and how different historians looked at technology. This may seem simple enough but is a decent introduction to the rest of this course.


What are moonshots?

In this section we are defining the concept of "moonshot technology" and introducing you to the concept of disruptive tech. We will also be talking about what it means to have an innovative mindset.


Let's take a look at the past.

We can describe this section as a "A Brief History of Time", but that might be copyright infringement. In all seriousness, this section will look at some technology of the past, and how we got to where we are.


What is creative problem solving?

Creative problem solving involves harnessing the power of your imagination and visual/spatial thinking to come up with solutions to everyday problems.


How do we map out solutions?

So, what are ways you can go about mapping out problems and potential solutions? What are some different types of diagrams? What are some documentation techniques? What are some technologies you can utilize to map out solutions?


Can you tell us about bootstrapping?

Bootstrapping or horizontally scaling from limited resources into something much larger, is an important concept when it comes to innovative thinking and approaching things from a cost efficient and effective standpoint.


What is design thinking?

How can you create physical or analytical models centered around the problems you are trying to solve and the experiences that the potential solution may create?


Let us look into the future.

What technologies will impact us in the future? What are some things we can consider? What are societies going to look like? What does this have to do with innovative thinking and our present status?


Let us expand your critical thinking skills.

Richard Feynman didn't believe in honorifics, had only a slightly above average IQ, and yet became a Nobel-prize winning physicist. What was so different about him? Feynman was unique because he had a different approach to learning in which he applied to his teaching as well. Critical thinking turns our curiosity into logical conclusions.


How can technology negatively impact us?

This section isn't trying to provide a brief overview of ethics, but rather introduce some implications to consider in relation to ways some technologies can negatively impact us.


Wait, so what is lean manufacturing?

Lean manufacturing is aimed at reducing waste and maximizing time efficiency when producing a product. In this section, you will learn about lean manufacturing, its principals, and how lean manufacturing relates to innovative thinking.


So, the course is finished. How about some next steps?

This section aims to give you some practical tips that you can utilize in order to apply what you've learned and implement it in a real-world environment. You can also show off some of the projects you worked on and establish a portfolio and learning summary for the end of the cohort.