Operating System

Lonero OS is based off of the Lubuntu OS, and has a few adding things such as:

This project is part of an aim to create an open, distributed, censorship resistant operating system, and this is the beta of that.


Learn about some of the mission statements behind the Lonero OS, as well as get introduced to a series of related topics. These topics include: privacy, cyber ethics, the future of distributed computing and a decentralized internet. Enroll today and be part of an exciting milestone for computing!
The Decentralized Internet is a key part of the future of blockchain. Not only this, but lots of history on the fourth amendment, privacy and free market policies all went into the history of making cryptocurrency, decentralization and blockchain popular. This course will introduce you to all of that and key technology being created in the field.
Technology have seen an extensive rise in innovation beyond what previous generations have thought possible. Due to this rise, certain implications have been involved. This course will inform you on technologies and tools such as the decentralized internet, or new and innovative research related to Biostatistical Computing. We will also be looking at the emerging field of Quantum Engineering. Throughout this course, you will be introduced to ethical topics as well, and a few brain teasers and exercises along the way!
Decentralize Gaming
Decentralize Godot
Decentralized Jam
P2P Gaming Challenge

PeerTop v1 is a light component, light weight laptop powered by Lonero OS. It aims to be fully privacy oriented and supporting both developers as well as artist/designers who are on the go. PeerTop came afterwords the ChainBoard line, and around the same time of progress development on our hardware cryptography keys. PeerTop also aims to offer solutions targeting the teenage to mid 20s age range in the hardware space.

Hardware-oriented keys with multipath layer cryptography meant to offer better encryption then what is readily available on the market.

Powered by Lonero OS


LonScript is defined as a theoretical, hybrid GPL for high performance computing that is built off Lonero OS and meant for third party developers to easily build highly complex distributed computing applications. LonScript aims to be one of the next big programming languages in computer science, theoretical physics, computational physics, and even computational genomics.


Just like the LardonMail project, DecentBIT aims to work on creating hardware oriented cryptography keys that are capable of logging into your Lavabit account, or the DIME protocol for end to end encrypted email clients. This allows you to have full accessibility to your email, while all the comfort of a hardware  cryptography key as the core login.


BlockFilm (a finalist team to compete and present in the 2019 Detroit FinTech Challenge), is utilizing P2P connectivity by being hosted on a decentralized system. They are powering their equity-based crowdfunding platform that utilizes blockchain based technologies. The decentralized system they are being hosted on will utilize Lonero OS. BlockFilm aims to be the next big thing for Indie films.


Funguana, Inc. is a company that is working on "SaaS for Hedgefunds" by creating its own financial trading algorithm for cryptocurrency. We are working with them on creating a distributed version of their platform untop of the Lonero OS, where users can be incentivized to help offload computational processes. This will also require us to add in Dask compatibility for what they want to do.


LardonMail is a research project inspired by a usecase of HippaSafe 2.0 that utilizes hardware key cryptography for email login, and is focused on creating compatibility with ProtonMail through the organization's open source repository. As one already knows, this is powered by Lonero OS, since the cryptography for HippaSafe 2.0 is built on top of the Lonero Operating System.


Decentralization protocols are being utilized by QuantPortal for distributed and parallel processing use cases related to the offloading of financial data for financial modelling and trading algorithms. This also helps speeding up back-testing capabilities, statistical models and trading capabilities.


Originally going to be an entry for #PTSH19 or PyTorch's Global Summer Challenge, we decided to put it temporarily on hold, only to develop a plan for distribution. The project is DecentTorch, and it utilizes the decentralization compatibility of PyTorch in order to help support scalability for large scale grid computing projects. We plan to dockerize this project and make the sample code compatible with Lonero OS and many different variations of Scientific Linux, as well as decentralization protocols.

HippaSafe 2.0

Based off of an old hackathon concept and project made before, we decided to make a more advanced variation of this tech. This project focuses on HIPPA compliant hardware key cryptography and is built on top of the Lonero OS. This is also being pitched to DCx for their healthcare innovation challenge. The idea is to create a decentralized P2P hardware system for transmitting data between hospital personal in a way more efficient then done prior and without the need of large EMC servers or data infrastructure. Currently, this project placed in a top slot in the Pioneer Global tournament leaderboard before leaving the competition.


Cancer@Home is based off an old concept of utilizing regressional AI for analyzing cancer genomic case studies. This will be in the utilization of trying to create a RapidMiner extension, as well as experiment with the grid computing functionalities of BOINC. This project will be running untop of the Lonero operating system. There will also be experimental and scientific Linux distros that may be compatible w/ some of these extensions.


IntelliRadiology is working on utilizing Lonero OS for its distributed pipeline infrastructure and a core technological component as well for some of its protocols. They are working on a series of demos for artificial intelligence related to image segmentation and Boolean tagging for xRays, as well as developing pipelines and samples of Radiological AIs.

Autonomous Fleet

Lonero OS is working on encrypted modules that offer decentralized P2P network capabilities for smart cars, amongst other industries. This is a hardware centered research project, that also utilizes a similar model to HippaSafe2.0 and hardware cryptography keys in terms of technological capabilities. This project has many research phases, and will go through lots of extensive studies.

Visualize Breast Cancer

Visualize Breast Cancer was a project done during Node4j's Global Graph Challenge on Devpost that is compatible w/ (Dask, Lonero OS, Scientific Linux, and React), (amongst others). The purpose of this project was to create a data visualization dashboard to look at "breast cancer data" in a quick, more meaningful way.

Decentralize the Internet

Besides having contributed to a npm library for the creation of decentralized web-based protocols & projects, there are many dev projects from the Lonero dev team compatible with Lonero OS for building decentralized internet applications, or applications for a distributed web. Lonero OS is also working on tracking metrics for analytical case studies on the # of applications running on our model for the decentralized web. We also are active promoters of ethical uses cases of distributed/grid computational networks and this technology.

WeaveMail Hardware Key

A research project is being conceptualized for utilizing Lonero OS and HippaSafe 2.0's hardware encryption technology for a hardware oriented cryptography key that works with a variation of Arweave's open source Weavemail. This will work in similar ways to LardonMail as well as DecentBIT.

LonScript: ANTLR Parsing

LonScript is going to be compatible with ANTLR's very own parser, allowing you to parse LonScript on the Lonero OS, but also do scientific computing/programming on Mac's OSX, as well as Windows. You can also do direct porting of LonScript programs between software running on Lonero OS and a different OS through a run-time API, making this programming language & use case compatibility more open, as well as widely accessible.

Modeling Quantum Similarity

We are trying to make a computational model of very critical research based on the universe's origin. This is a research project not meant for the purpose of profit, but the greater benefit of humanity. This project aims to utilize LonScript and be compatible with Lonero OS, as well as a variety of tools that may be later used or created for Scientific Linux distributions (deb packages). The purpose of this project is research validation and moving forward in scientific inquiry in regards to said topic.

LocalHost ASIC Virtualization

LocalHost ASIC Virtualization is the idea of building a distributed mining network that supports ASIC systems and is inspired by BOINC, Lonero's Cryptocurrency protocols, and built untop of Lonero OS. The idea of this is to build a network supporting miners of cryptos such as Siacoin was doing w/ AntMiner's A3 prior to it being discontinued. We want a distributed mechanism and software that can support the unmet needs of ASIC miners and its firmware.